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I feel like I’m raising a monster- terrible twos or something else?

by Whitney Barthel   ·  2 days ago   ·  

I’m sure every mom questions the effectiveness of her parenting at some point. But in attempt to be a more loving and compassionate mother, I might have become a little too permissive lately. With letting discipline slide a little I have really done my kids (and myself) a disservice. After a couple weeks of implementing time outs, ...


6 Strategies for Turning Off Phones & Being More Present

by Westernfrontamerica   ·  2 days ago   ·  

Mom & Dad, put down your phones! (+ 6 tips for doing so) Be honest, what percentage of the time that you spend with your children are you also scanning your smart phone? Dr. Jenny Radesky, a pediatrician specializing in child development, had her curiosity piqued about this very question while living in the tech-savvy Seattle area. ...