Illegals ‘Not Going To Take It Anymore’, Promise ‘Radical’ Approach

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Illegals should work to change their home government instead of making ours into what they ran from.


Commentary in Response to Brown Berets of “Aztlan”

Invasion is always a “radical approach” and this nation is being annexed by Mexico through a racial war of extermination, prosecuted against the white race, via the so-called “anchor baby.”

Mexico sees the United States as a helpless Gulliver, ripe for exploitation by Lilliputians.

By their own admission, Mechistas come to form a “new mestizo nation,” carved out of American territory and they are quite cheeky about it.…

Mexico must clearly understand that it has NO claim here; America is the cradle of the Anglo-Saxon race, not the Mexican.

Cinco de Mayo celebrations belong south of the border; we celebrate the Fourth of July here.

If other cultures are “offended” by American school kids wearing the American flag to school on their tee shirts, book bags or any other article, then it is time for them to return to their own country.

George Wasington is our pole star, not Ernesto “Che” Guevara.

This writer has been to Mexico City and elsewhere in that beautiful and wealthy country. It is rich in resources and breath-taking tourist destinations.

The Mexicans need to return to their OWN country, to prosecute the Second Mexican Revolution, not comport themselves as a collective anopheles, sucking and pumping the lifeblood out of the American taxpayer.

They should also familarize themselves with Mexico’s immigration policy, as well as their own professed concept, “Deguello.”

Deguello means no quarter is to be given in this war for our national survival. If Mexicans don’t like it, they need to remember that it is Mexico, which formulated the ground rules of NO mercy.

Mexico will now suffer its just karmic desserts, for the butchering of Americans at the Alamo, by facing a deliberate American people, who have seen their countrymen murdered once again in various states of the Union, chief among them; Arizona and Texas.

“Comprehensive immigration reform,” is holding Mexico accountable for the invasion of the United States of America.

Any American politician who mouths the CIR mantra, is a quisling to this great nation, as he colludes with “La Reconquista.” That politician will gain eternal infamy in the annals of our national history.

Mexico needs to understand that the host/parasite relationship between the United States of America and Mexico, is coming to an end.

Mexico may have its guest worker program–strictly confined to agricultural work– after it comes to full realization of the fact that there is NOT going to be a “reconquista.”

Mexico must recognize the territorial integrity of the United States of America, before any forward momentum is attained for Mexican guest workers.

Thus far,  Mexican nationals have delineated themselves as nothing more than invaders, bent on annexation of America for Mexico.

Mexico must confirm this understanding of  “no standing,” by signing formal terms of surrender to end this Second Mexican War.

Only when Mexico understands it has responsibilities in this arena, can better bilateral realtions ensue.

The American worker should NOT have to compete with a Mexican national–nor any other foreigner– for employment within his own country. America has an army of its own, called the “homeless.”

This country belongs to the American people, NOT the United Nations. We are not “citizens of the world.”

The American taxpayer affirms that he is NOT the Santa Claus of the World.

The United States government needs to build service centers for homeless Americans, which provide shower and laundry facilities, as well as locker space–so that Americans don’t have to carry their sleeping bags and backpacks around all day. This is only a starting point for American reform.

The 24 billion dollars wasted on the government shutdown, would have gone a long way toward the establishment of these rescue centers, with any possible deficit in financing to be filled out with taxes garnered from medical marijuana sales.

All resources of this nation will be lavished on those forgotten Americans. Their number has become legion, with tent cities springing up along the railroad tracks around Los Angeles County and other locations.

Our largest “entitlement program”–next to the usury, which is extorted by the Fed– is sending out foreign aid to Israel and other nations. Both practices must cease as a national policy, as they violate the core documents of this nation against involuntary servitude.

War must be funded by garnering the spoils and it is time for Mexico–as the loser in the present engagement– to “pay the Piper.”

Mexico has oil, silver, agricultural products, a fishing industry, tourism, etc, and can pay its own way for the “guest workers” it sends over here, by building service centers in America with Mexican funds.

Workers must be strictly confined to the service centers–given the dismal history America has witnessed with the Mexican crime wave in America and the theft of American jobs, as well as the collapse of the American social safety net.

Mexico must provide reparations for American victims of the Mexican crime wave in Arizona and elsewhere, as part of the terms of Mexican surrender in this race war.

Should Mexico refuse, then the border should be sealed and manned by American troops.  The only other alternative is direct invasion of Mexico and a toppling of the ruling class by US troops.

In addition, Mexico must pick up the tab for ALL social services from building schools to hospitals at the service centers. It is the reponsibility of Mexico to pay ALL claims and provide Mexican social security to its own citizens.

These responsiblities are NOT the job description of the American taxpayer.

It is Americans, who are the ones impatient, for the expulsion of the Mexican occupation army from American soil.  It is Americans who are going to take the “radical approach,” if there should be any.

The American taxpayer is tired of infusing the lifeblood of the nation into fighting other nation’s wars(Israel) and paying for the Mexican Lebensborn in America.

American taxpayers don’t feel obligated to import 80,000 Muslims into America, during a time of war for our national surival with jihadistan, nor indeed at any time, for that matter. That includes Somalis, Syrians and virtually the entire third world riffraff.

The jobs reserved for interlopers, belong to Americans.

Americans are not “beaten old white people, nor are they ‘rats’ who are ready to die.” Mexico must understand that fact and show the proper respect toward America–which it has not.

Thus far, Mexico has earned NO special concessions worthy of our national consideration.

Mexican invaders in the guise of “civil rights” protesters, will NOT be recognized by the American people, who realize that such shenanigans are nothing more than stealth warfare against our nation.

This writer acknowledges there may be special cases for review and consideration, in the event where a Mexican national has already died in the service of the United States of America, by serving in the U.S. military.

However, Rome–that “shining city on the hill”– must absorb NO more alien peoples into the legions, if we are to remain “eternal.”

This nation is losing its cultural heritage, self determination and national identity to Marxist “multiculturalism.”

The purpose is not to iron-out small details here, but to assert that the American people have “had it” with a race which has clearly worn out its “welcome,” as invaders are NEVER to gain a toehold here.

“We must, therefore, acquiesce in the necessity, which denounces our Separation, and hold them, as we hold the rest of mankind, Enemies in War, in Peace Friends.”–Declaration of Independence

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