Terms of Surrender for Mexico

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Mexican “Deguello,” means NO QUARTER IS GIVEN, but a slit- throat for a defeated vassal.

These were the ground rules established by Mexico, during the Mexican War and they remain in force , as that particular war has percolated down through the centuries– since the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo—to be a present scourge on our nation, when more pressing matters await our national attention.

1. Mexico understands that it has no claim here, by signing a formal declaration that Mexican territory does not extend into the United States of America.

2. The American taxpayer is not here to provide for Mexican hatchlings, but American ones.

3. Without this signing of a formal declaration of surrender –and very clear understanding by Mexico– NO concession will be granted until such time as Mexico ceases the race war it has overplayed.

4. The United States of America is the cradle of the Anglo-Saxon race, which up until the 1965 “Immigration Reform Bill” of Senator Edward M. Kennedy—was ninety -percent white.

5. The United States of America is therefore not the mythical “Aztlan” nor is it a colony or safety valve for Mexico.

6. The United States has received insults and the brunt of a patent race war prosecuted by Mexico, using a Mexican Lebensborn movement–based on the so-called “ anchor baby”– to institute cultural genocide against white America.

7. Our two nations divorced with the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo; there will be NO shotgun marriage between white America and a peasant army with dreams of “La Reconquista.”

8. Any notion of merging our two countries, will be met with the fiercest resistance by white America and that anger will be directed against those players behind the scenes, who would “harmonize” our country away with a “common security perimeter” marriage/merger, with Mexico and Canada.

9. The American people are in the midst of the Second American Revolution and will hold their lawmakers fully accountable for treason, if they unwisely seek to outflank the American people on this issue.

10. Mexico may have a guest worker program with the following understanding:

A. No Mexican citizen may be eligible for American citizenship and this nation does NOT recognize any “dual citizen” standing, except in very rare cases where a soldier is involved.

B. Guest workers will be eligible only for agricultural contracts while employed here and NO American will compete with Mexican nationals for employment in his own country.

C. Mexico must pick up the tab for its workers while they are guests here, by paying for construction of housing centers; medical and dental facilities and educational centers. They will also fund any transportation costs or additional expenses. Social Security for Mexican nationals is also required while they are employed here.

D. Mexico is financially liable for any problems created by its citizens while they are in America and the American taxpayer ABSOLUTELY REFUSES to pick up the tab for basic services for these people.

The race war is over and you lose, Mexico.

Thor Asgardson

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