A Note to the Missouri GOP and Republicans on Your Caucuses

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Missouri-GOPTwo and a half years ago, angry conservative Republican voters went to town hall meetings held by Democrats hoping to sell us on the merits of Obamacare. We were mad. We were disruptive. We were passionate about our beliefs and wanted to be heard. We didn’t attack each other within the party for speaking up during the town halls in support of the values we hold dear. We celebrated each disruption posting it to YouTube, our blogs, and our Facebook pages, and we didn’t care what the mainstream media said of our efforts. I can’t remember any of those Democrats demanding we be arrested and carried out of those town hall meetings.

As Obamacare progressed, we watched how our Republican representatives of Congress were kept out of the debates. The doors were shut. They had no access to closed door debates to be disruptive, to speak for us, to slow the process down, to do whatever it took to ensure Obamacare didn’t become the law of the land. At home, we made calls to Democrats like Claire McCaskill with angry voices. We committed to crashing the switchboards trying to disrupt calls supporting Obamacare. We blogged, wrote letters and e-mails to their offices, and we demanded to be heard. We demanded our Republican representatives be let into those closed door meetings so they could share our anger as our country was being hijacked with plans to socialize medicine against our will and give the federal government more control of our healthcare.

Here I am today asking what the hell has become of the Republican Party? This very same behavior that we encouraged to stop Obamacare is not acceptable anymore. Anyone who attempted to disrupt the caucus proceedings even using Robert’s Rules of Law against the establishment’s wishes were called out and threatened by the new police state tactics used by party officials and establishment cronies. For getting out a video camera to record the proceedings the GOP had voters arrested in St. Charles, Missouri. I remind you, I can’t recall once instance of this happening as Republicans went to Democrat’s town hall meetings to disrupt the proceedings and express our anger towards Obamacare.

Certain county chairpersons were pressured to step down if they didn’t support the Republican establishment’s wishes. Robert’s Rules of Order were ignored. Votes became controversial, recounts even more controversial, and just like Democrats did to Republicans two years ago, the Republicans were now mimicking the Democrat’s behavior exhibited during the Obamacare debate towards their own all to steer the debate towards what the establishment wants over what the people want. After alienating a group of voters who came to passionately engage in the political process hoping to have a voice, how will you the Missouri Republican establishment call for unity once this process is over? Do you really expect us to forget March 17, 2012?

Bob McCarty wrote yesterday:

I will forever remember one of those caucus meetings — the 2012 St. Charles County Republican Presidential Caucus that took place at Francis Howell North High School in St. Peters, Mo. — as the St. Patrick’s Day Massacre, an event attended by 1,200 to 2,500 voters, depending upon whose estimate you believe.

It was at that caucus meeting that county GOP officials resorted to threatening attendees with arrest on charges of trespassing if they violated one of the announced caucus rules — a ban on the use of recording devices inside the gymnasium where the caucus was held. And it was at that same meeting that the same officials lost control of the event, called for more law enforcement officers to help control the crowd and, eventually, adjourned the meeting without getting to the business at hand. In short, they told me and my fellow voters that we would not be able to participate in the selection of delegates; hence, the reason why I’ve left the party.

Is this the image of the new Republican party? Perhaps it is. This is the same party that gave us the Patriot Act, pushed for the indefinite detainment of Americans without due process, and recently helped pass HR 347, which limits free speech on federal property.

The Republican Party should be ashamed. Their need for power was on display and they clearly forgot the first Republican President’s immortal words in their quest for the White House as the election stopped in Missouri for the day.

Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth.
But voters won’t forget Lincoln’s words when it comes to the Republican party alienating them on March 17, 2012, now affectionately known as the St. Patrick’s Day Massacre.
A house divided against itself cannot stand.

The Missouri GOP caused this divide and now they will have to live with the division that comes with their actions. If Obama wins reelection because of a divided Republican party, be sure to point your finger at GOP officials in Missouri.

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