The Compassion of Deguello

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invasion3“The Miami Herald reports that Sen. Rubio’s ‘sweeping’ immigration speech took swipes at both Republicans and Democrats for playing politics with an issue so crucial to Hispanics, calling for a compassionate approach for dealing with the issue of illegal immigration.”

In Answer to Senator Rubio

Nobody is “playing politics here,” except those who want the United States of America to fundamentally transform its institutions; law; culture and dominant racial composition.

Hispanic political darlings and “La Raza” need to “get a grip” on reality.

This message of Sen. Rubio is hardly “sweeping” in scope and I would wager to say the whale of inspiration Rubio feels, hardly makes a flutter in the oceanic consciousness of the American people, as to being any kind of national priority.

Anyone who talks of a “compassionate approach” toward our porous borders and those who breach them, is in truth, soft-in-the-head and that individual should be put out to pasture with a nose bag, by the deliberate resolve of voters in this country.

One has to ask why this issue is so “crucial” to Hispanics, especially in light of the fact that what should be the topic of conversation here, is what is crucial to those who identify themselves as Americans.

The real crux of the issue is that this nation belongs to the American people and no one special interest group, based exclusively on a racial identification.

People who identify themselves as “Latinos” first, are NOT really Americans and their opinions should be discounted as nothing more than part of a concerted effort to undermine the Anglo-Saxon foundation of this republic.

America does NOT belong to the world and it is NOT a mini- United Nations, where the people “henceforth” pledge their allegiance to the New World Order of the international bankers and their “tangle of squabbling nationalities.”

America must not play Santa Claus to the world, nor should it surrender its national self-determination to the hostile foreign power of Mexico.

As the state of our Union currently stands; an illegal alien usurper occupies the White House, to impose his tyranny over the American people. Of course he wants to remove all obstacles to his own personal power and glory and ensure his reelection, by opening the floodgates of Fortress America, to the third world incursion.

The nation cannot afford to allow Barack Hussein Obama to miscast himself in the role of Abraham Lincoln, while tolerating a Mexican occupation army, engaged in full annexation of American territory.

Resident Obama does not hold the best interests of the American people at heart, for his degenerate policies and abject failure to enforce the border, would allow alien cultures to run roughshod over the American landscape, to wreak their havoc with impunity.

The largest contingent of Hispanics is coming from Mexico, to prosecute “La Reconquista,” through a blatant race war, predicated on the so-called “anchor baby.”

Americans feel that they are under no compulsion to adopt the Mexican Lebensborn movement, by incubating Mexican hatchlings in the nest of the American Eagle, nor do they feel honor-bound to correct the mistakes of interlopers, no matter how long they have been here.

Now that the children of these Mexican nationals have grown to college age, these interlopers expect massive concessions to be extended to their offspring, when they came to this country with full knowledge and intent to fundamentally transform America into Mexico, as evidenced by the entitlement mentality they display.

Those who speak of a “comprehensive immigration reform,” are parroting a broken record, which finds no resonance with the American people. This is because those who mouth this mealy mantra have NO fundamental grasp of what is at stake for the future survival of America, under a Marxist “multicultural” paradigm.

America is under no compulsion to adopt the wretched citizens of alien cultures, who would impose their weltanschauung over the deliberate American people.

True recognition of the problem lies with exactly what is meant by a “comprehensive” approach to the attempted annexation of American territory for Mexico, by “redistricting” through sheer demographics.

The American people define “comprehensive immigration reform,” as a hollow political slogan, designed to perpetuate the Marxist “politically correct” mythology that any person in the world can just come here and start making demands, in the form of his alleged “civil rights.”

Moreover, the American people are expected to suffer the spectacle of seeing Los Angeles and other American cities occupied by armies of “guest workers” marching 500,000 strong, while raising the Mexican banner over buildings and federal installations in an overt act of war.

Further, this faux ideology decrees that America should just “snap to attention” to better serve as a safety valve for failed nations and those who come here in the name of conquest, whether it be named “jihad,” Sharia law, or “La Reconquista.”

Those who adhere to this half-baked political theory, harbor the fantastic notion that Americans–who stand up to defend the territorial integrity and racial make-up of our nation– be labeled as “cowards” in the discussion of race matters, or be dismissed as “racists,” by degenerate lawmakers and media personalities. These elites have no clue as to the real meaning of words.

While there is a certain ethnocentrism involved with maintaining cultural balance, it hardly behooves the discerning mind to capitulate to the idea that Americans should just hand over their country to those bent on cultural genocide against the unwitting host nation.

The “unhappy campers” who come here to “squat and drop,” are not content to follow the failed national paradigm and social proposition imposed over America by the bankers who weave the fiction, that our nation is a so-called “melting pot.”

These alleged “immigrants” disavow the title, except when it suits their nefarious purpose. The rest of the time, they proclaim themselves the “lawful owners” of North America, while at the same time demanding that the Anglo-Saxon presence return to Europe.

They rend the fabric of American society with acts of lawlessness and chaos, diametrically opposed to the established order and balance of Western Civilization.

The plain truth is that the border did not cross these individuals—as they maintain—but they broke into our national house and now they must leave, because they are enemy combatants who came to eclipse the Anglo-Saxon race in its own homeland.

As it turns out; the real “coward” in racial matters, is Attorney General Eric H. Holder, who has failed to enforce the laws which protect our nation from invasion.

What is behind this misconception by lawmakers, of societal obligation which comes under the rubric “compassionate conservatism?” Does it mean that this nation must turn the other side of its throat to the Mexican Deguello, during a time of war for our national survival?

The plain truth is, that our politicians do not recognize the face of The Second Mexican War and this telegraphs a dangerous message of weakness and lack of national resolve, to all adversaries of this great nation.

The real litmus test of national survival is to define a nation by its borders and not subscribe to the failed theory of a Marxist usurper that America be redefined by a “sense of fairness,” in submitting to wholesale invasion of our shores by intruders who come from every corner of the globe.

Nor does this test decree that everyone must pay his “fair share” of danegeld payment to the Federal Reserve Bank, which extorts trillions of dollars from a people enslaved to the chains of usury, at the hands of a central molesting bank.

Definitions are most important, when drafting grand plans of social engineering or defining a problem for our national perusal and consideration—not hollow political slogans, like “Built to last.”

Just what is exactly meant by the so-called “comprehensive immigration reform,” which keeps turning up like a bad penny, every time it is swatted down by the American people?

Does it really mean that America must accommodate the hostile foreign power of Mexico in its delusions of grandeur and conquest of America? Does it involve solving Mexico’s social ills, to the exclusion of the God-given right of the American people to secure their country and political process from infiltration by those who would bring this republic to its knees and eclipse our national self-determination?

These matters must come under closer scrutiny and discussion which enlightens degenerate politicians as to what exactly the American people will or will NOT tolerate– especially in light of the glaring fact that these alien cultures are inassimilable to the national body, as evidenced by the crimes they commit after gaining admission to our shores.

Our country has unwittingly served to incubate the eggs of a parasitic agenda, of the deadliest hostility to the national security interests of the United States of America.

This failure to hold politicians accountable for saying exactly what they mean and who they represent and stand for, is the great task for which the American people must be the architects of a solid structural foundation, based on reality they convey to their “leaders.”

“La Raza” is that alien entity, which seeks to subvert the American political process with “Latino civil rights.”

The glaring reality which now confronts Americans, is the open race war prosecuted against our dominant Anglo-Saxon culture by those minorities which feel entitled to eclipse the white race, by employing baby-making as a strategy of war.

“You don’t speak for me,” is the mantra and name of an organization of Hispanics, who beg to differ with the fiction in the Mexican mind—as openly expressed by a long line of Mexican presidents—that the borders of Mexico extend into the United States of America.

The position of the American people is that there will be NO sappy sentimentality, nor will there be a “compassionate” approach to the hostile overtures coming from Mexico and the ten Central and South American countries, which set the outrageous precedent of filing legal suit against the state of Arizona, for alleged “racism.”

“To survive as an independent nation, America must discriminate. America must exclude, and no longer tolerate its enemies. America must be prejudiced.”

Dr. David A. Yeagley

“Today in the United States, 70 million immigrants later and pouring in at 2.3 million annually–both legal and illegal–our nation shudders from San Francisco to New York and from Chicago to Miami. We rose from 200 million to nearly 300 million in three decades. What was once a benefit to our country is now a full-scale overpopulation and societal crisis.”

Frosty Wooldridge

Politicians will not like to hear that “true comprehensive immigration reform” means defining the word “immigration,” to mean a euphemism for war. It is offered as the “Newspeak” of Big Brother oligarchy, which employs the so-called “guest worker” as an unwitting third world corporate shock troop, designed by the corporations to subvert the autonomy of the nation-state concept.

The true definition of CIR, means holding Mexico accountable for prosecuting a race war of cultural extinction against the American people.

There can be NO toleration of a Marxist “dual citizenship” paradigm, which comes under the guise of poor, hapless Mexican peasants just wanting a better life…at the expense of the American people, who are resolved on maintaining the cultural integrity of their nation.

America—along with the rest of the globe—finds itself in the midst of worldwide depression, with nations falling like dominoes to the wiles of the international bankers.

These banking swindlers are the dream weavers who impose the “multicultural” model, in the vain hope America will be destroyed by a mish-mash of peoples.

Despite this planetary crisis, the alleged “president” of the United States—who cannot provide a paper trail, as to his identity and qualifications—is importing hundreds of thousands of Muslims, citizens of El Salvador and other nations, into what has become Zoo America and a Tower of Babel.

This transparent subversion of our economy, coming from an obvious quisling, must be met by the firm assertion of the American people that Hispanic concerns are NOT American concerns, especially in light of the fact that every facet of American life has now been infiltrated by an alien influence—which comes at the behest of the international bankers.

The White House and Department of Justice have colluded with the Mexican incursion and must be met toe-to-toe by the American people, who will wag their collective finger in the face of our usurper, Marxist “president.”

The Obama administration has foolishly imagined that it can winnow-out the state of Arizona, for “special handling,” never realizing in its supreme folly that the states are indivisible.

The entire country will back Arizona’s play against federal tyranny.

An attack on one state, is an attack on all of the American people, and will be firmly met by the outrage of the entire country.

The Department of Justice has opted to selectively enforce the law, under color of authority.

Attorney General, Eric H. Holder, was too lazy to even read SB 1070, before coming to the conclusion that Arizona was “racist.” This failure on Holder’s part, illustrates his complete incompetence as a lawmaker, as evidenced by his coming to a judgment, without first examining the facts of a legal case.

The Obama administration has comported itself as a fifth column and despot over the American people.

As things currently stand; a guest worker program for Mexico would definitely be to the benefit of both nations, but it must have certain prerequisites, before it can be enacted—among them; the formal signature of Mexico in abandoning all claims within the United States of America, as defined by the international border.

Mexico must understand that there will be NO reconquest of American territory for Mexico and that the host/parasite arrangement between our two nations has come to an end.

Any concessions made to Mexico must include the fundamental understanding that America is NOT Santa Claus, in gifting American citizenship to the world, nor is it a safety valve for failed nations.

The alleged “president” who fashions himself a “Citizen of the World,” has failed to fathom this fundamental concept. That is because he is an illegal alien.

Mexico must pay for the welfare of its own citizens while they are true “guests” in this country and the American people are in no way obligated to provide a social safety net for Mexican nationals—or perks of American citizenship, for that matter.

In short, Mexico will pick up the tab for building housing and educational centers for Mexican workers while they are in this country. Mexico will also provide social security benefits, medical care, food bank assistance for underemployed Mexican workers and all the other amenities and hallmarks of a civilized society, which they have historically failed to provide for their own people.

Such things are not the obligation of America.

Mexico is fantastically wealthy in natural resources, tourist beaches and Indian temples. That nation can well afford to pay its own way with silver, Mexican oil and agricultural products, without having to comport itself as a parasitic leech on the United States of America.

Mexico must understand that should it fail to come into alignment with the demands of the American people, the border will be sealed and the lid allowed to boil off the pot in Mexico City, for the Second Mexican Revolution.

The violence coming from the drug war spilling across the border, may actually necessitate a U.S. military occupation of Mexico.

Due to the millions upon millions of unemployed Americans; Mexican nationals will only be allowed to work in the agricultural industry and possibly the equestrian industry, where their special talents are badly needed. This must be a defining parameter of any new treaty, based on real friendship and mutual consideration, between our two countries.

All other American jobs will be off limits, as there are too many Americans wandering the streets, homeless, dirty and hungry—who can use the landscaping and other jobs currently held by Mexican nationals and other foreigners.

America abandoned slavery during the Lincoln administration, so the American people naturally want to see the Mexican people succeed and prosper, just so long as it is not at the expense of Americans and their cultural identity.

Americans must have the political self-determination as to who comes here and for how long they can stay, rather than having an unwanted Mexican occupation army forced on them, along with the responsibility of its care and feeding.

This writer read the story of two Mexican men, who walked across a fiery desert, bare-footed, in order to save their shoes for employment. Americans admire this kind of resolve and would truly prefer to be a “welcoming nation” for those who really want to improve themselves and provide for their families.

These Mexican nationals would be honored guests and treated with the utmost respect, by a generous American people. But as things now stand, our two nations are in a state of race war.

What politicians must understand, is that Americans are generous-to-a-fault, but that generosity does not extend to giving our nation away to the Mexican invasion and its attendant crime wave, which currently runs rampant over the Southwestern states of our Union.

It also means that the American people will NOT be seduced by hollow political slogans, which are sound and fury—signifying nothing, but capitulation, in this Second Mexican War.

The message here for Senator Rubio, is that the American people too, “have the courage and bravery to raise their voices” as well as the children of Mexican nationals.

Let us hope that the resolute message of the American people, is not lost on those who have thus far failed to differentiate their constituents from bold interlopers.

© Thor H. Asgardson

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