GOP Set To Steamroll Conservative Voters – AGAIN!

| October 9, 2011 | 1 Comment

election-2012-2I am fed up with being the “red-headed stepchild” of the Republican Party!

I am a conservative and have been my entire adult life. When I registered to vote on my 21st birthday, I registered as a republican. I have remained with the party for over 50 years.

The past few election cycles, I have been forced to “settle” for non-conservative presidential candidates. I expect this election to be no different.

All indications are that the GOP is going to nominate Romney as it’s presidential candidate for 2012.

As a conservative, Romney scares the heck out of me. I just do not see enough difference between Romney and Obama for me to even make the trip to the polling place in November of 2012.

I left the following comment on the Texas Fred Blog yesterday: “Romney was “The Chosen One” by the GOP/RNC from the beginning. They are embarrassed and shamed by even having conservatives in the party. I am sick to my stomach with it. Hell, I already know what I’m getting with Obama! With Romney, I expect to get the same thing … but as a republican I’ll be blamed for it!

I have had it with the GOP. The northeast blue blood country club elitists have a choke hold on the GOP and as long as we conservatives remain in the party they will continue to use us and show their gratitude by treating us as floor mats. I’m sick of it!”

I’d like to recommend you read Texas Fred’s post entitled: Romney to be GOP nominee – Elections no longer required” HERE.

Look. I do not believe that Romney can win against Obama. I have been saying that for a very long time now. Nothing has changed that would lead me to believe otherwise. President Harry Truman told us the American electorate would choose the real thing over an imitation … every time. He was correct.

Romney strikes me as another northeastern “milquetoast candidate” who can be steamed rolled by the democratic machine.

If you think the divide between the Congress and the Oval Office is wide now consider that should Romney win, the conservatives in the House and Senate are NOT GOING TO FOLLOW ROMNEY’S LEAD! And they shouldn’t. The government will be locked down every bit as much under a Romney presidency as it is today under Obama.

I’ll say it again: Conservatives desperately need to pull out of the republican party and form their own party — if they ever hope to have a real, lasting, impact on the US government.

Now, I know I’m going to be blasted by republicans for suggesting such a thing especially at such a critical time for America. I would answer — if not nowWHEN?

I come from a long line of South Carolina conservative hot heads. (You may recall the last time my ancestors had a beef with the US government.) My home state is one of the most conservative states (if not THE most) in the country. We have a history of not caring for the “timing” of a scrap with those we perceive as antagonists.

The US has reached the critical stage in its existence. I am convinced that our survival as a free people hangs on the results of the 2012 election. I also know I am being about as delicate as a bull in a china shop suggesting that conservatives leave the GOP in these months before such an important event in our history.

In my opinion, the RNC knows that a huge portion of the votes for Romney, especially in the south, will be votes not for Romney, but votes against Obama. They KNOW that and they are counting on that very thing to push Romney across the finish line as the victor.

You say: real republican conservatives won’t run for President. I ask – why should they? See, they already know the deck, in the upper levels of the GOP, are already stacked against them.

So what about Cain and Bachmann? Truthfully? They haven’t a snowball’s chance in Hades of winning the nomination.

So. Here we conservatives are — again. About to lose an election even if the Republican Party wins. Sound familiar?

What is it they say about doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results each time? Oh, yeah. Insanity!

J. D. Longstreet

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  1. The Quadfather says:

    Dear Mr Longstreet:
    I cannot concur. While I agree that Romney would be the worst choice we could make, I believe he would be better than Obama. As a Tea Party conservative, I believe we should just keep doing what we’re doing, challenging GOP insiders with Tea Party or Conservative candidates. Support these candidates by sending $10.00 a week to a different one of them each week. We keep trying to take over the party, and we don’t let those who would have us believe that a certain candidate will win influence our votes and our willingness to vote. Not one vote has yet been cast! We are getting stronger but we are not strong enough yet. Breaking away and forming a third party would be disasterous. The paracite class is getting too big and we need numbers. And if the Republicans do get back the House, The Senate, and the Presidency, they had better not sit on their thumbs like they did last time. We must pull them along and make them do what needs to be done. First thing, a voting restriction for the paracite class. If you are not a producer, or a retired producer, no vote for you. This should be a Constitutional amendment so that it cannot be overturned by the courts. Next, roll back Obama laws, all of them. It can be done in one bill. Repeal laws that were responsible for the housing financing fiasco. Reinstate ones the Democrats repealed that protect us. There is work to be done, we do not need to be defeatist. Or Obama and his criminals will have his way with us.

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