First the TSA now Wal-Mart: America loses more liberty in the battle for freedom

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nepolitanoIn a recent press release from the Department of Homeland Security former Arizona governor Janet Napolitano the following campaign, “If You See Something, Say Something” was debuted. Bringing overtones of early communist Russia and the “Watch your neighbor” with it this new program promises to satisfy even the staunchest anti freedom advocates ideals. Several corporate partners are training their managers and staff with regards to this new program, Wal-Mart is one of those.

In addition to the new “old” promotion of further restrictions by big government, recent reports regarding a new “app” from Apple for IPhones has many in an uproar. The PatriotApp™ states that it “empowers citizens to create safer, cleaner, and more efficient communities by leveraging social networking and mobile technology.” The premise behind the new app is to report “suspicious” activity to Federal and State entities that are linked with this app. So will this new technology help local police or promote security?

According to the Sierra Vista Herald local police dispatchers already get several calls for every incident depending on the nature of “traffic” in the local area, in a recent interview the following incident was reported, “After a moment, it’s clear that the callers on the other end are reporting the same incident” a vehicle collision near Target. “We’re going to get seven to 10 calls, depending on the intersection, what time it is and how severe it looks to people,” Papatrefon said. Without missing a beat, the information is relayed to police and fire personnel.”

When I questioned the department about the app and program, they were unable to confirm information regarding the app, though they were and are aware of the new program by the DHS. When I spoke about advances made recently in the method of “security” being forced on Americans several people made it clear that they supported the TSA, Assange of Wiklileaks arrest, and better security options. I must ask now however, is this approach any different than East Germany, Cuba, Communist China, or the Soviet Union before its fall?

People have often asked the question, how could citizens of communist nations allow what happened to happen, the above answers your question quite well actually.

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