Mediocrity on Display

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illegals6“For defending my people, my community and my heritage, I was accused by some of them of being a racist. Nowadays when you try to expose the racists in our society, just for bringing up the subject of racism, the bigots accuse you of being a racist. They expect the rest of us to allow them to show prejudice, discriminate, promote ignorance and hatred, antagonize people, and violate human rights, because if we call it racism, we are the ones who are ‘playing the race card.’ It’s ludicrous!”
Miguel Perez

What’s the matter, whiner? Don’t you want to play anymore?

You have adopted a Don Quixote quest, Mr. Perez, of going on a crusade, tilting at windmills, to “expose the racists” and now you find that you can’t handle the heat in the kitchen, where you brew your noxious pap!

You were not “accused,” you were fingered as a perpetrator, pointing the finger of blame toward the victim.

How does it feel to be on the receiving end of the race card? Are the rules still “Mi Raza Primero?”

You should be flattered that your mediocre posts are receiving the full attention they so richly deserve, for you have now been elevated to the plateau of being a major figurehead in the Chicano movement, by your enemies, despite the fact that you do NOT sport their scalps on your saddle.

You have the “devil with the pale skin and blue eyes” to thank for the many new accolades you have received and without him to serve as your straw man voodoo doll, your religion would not exist and you would be out on the streets peddling gopher meat tacos in Mexico City.

“Honestly, I would like nothing more than to put racism and ethnic discrimination in the history books. But as long as this kind of venom is prevalent, it cannot be swept under the rug. It needs to be brought out in the open.”
Miguel Perez

And you are going to shed some light on the subject?

“We have got to eliminate the gringo, and what I mean by that is if the worst comes to the worst, we have got to kill him.”
Jose Angel Gutierrez, University of Texas

The venom of which you speak, Mr. Perez, is propagated within your own ranks, by Marxist professors who have infiltrated American institutions of higher learning, as a fifth column.

It manifests as the political slogans: “Mi raza primero” and “Afuera la raza, nada.” In plain English, that translates to: “My race first and nothing for those outside my race.”

So you see? You have to look no further than your own doorstep to find and eradicate that ugly racism of which you speak!

So by all means, let us NOT “sweep it under the rug.”

You are miffed, because you have been publicly exposed as an enemy combatant within the gates, an agent provocateur and a drudge “journalist,” who basically writes the same article, over and over again, by rote.

The Mechista voice of “Aztlan” is basically a broken record, which ignores the massive evidence to the contrary, in the hope that if the lies are repeated often enough, those falsehoods will somehow become elevated to gospel truth.

Your opinions cannot sway the awakened American people who know precisely who you are and what you are, as evidenced by your divisive ranting, which poses as honest reporting.

If you had the courage of your alleged “convictions,” you would not discriminate in favor of those who promote cultural genocide of the white race. Your range of personal discrimination and wisdom becomes forfeit to the rabid racial agenda you promote, with your scribbling. You Sir, are the vilest form of hypocrite.

In short, you lack manners, class, personal taste and most of all, credibility. Like most of those you represent, who “don’t need no stinkin’ badges,” you have not elevated yourself beyond the rank of pirate and bandito.

The tripe you write can only appeal to the Mexican peasant, who comes up here with a self-entitlement mentality, making spurious claims to land ownership, based on a brief tenancy by Mexico from 1821-1847.

You disavow the European Spanish claim, which predates the Mexican occupation, by trying to pass yourself off as “Native Americans” of the American Southwest, which you never were.

Failing that, you come cloaked as a “civil rights” movement, all the while you throw the black American worker out of gainful employment, by stealing his job.

The theft of black employment was seen when Mexican nationals absconded with the jobs of those black Americans assigned to clean up work, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

The only “racial solidarity” you represent, is for the “mestizo nation,” which is a fiction in the Mechista mind, as it is comprised of American territory.

Who are “your people” anyway, for they certainly are not the American people?

You speak for the Mexican occupation army, which runs up the Mexican flag over American territory and federal installations. You are not concerned with “racism,” for that is what you are actively promoting. You in fact support the Mexican Lebensborn in America, designed to eclipse the white race, through alien demographics.

You are a lesser, brevet general in the Mexican army which prosecutes race war against the American people. You are not articulate enough to be a full military officer of advanced rank, as your many arguments are easily torn apart, exposed and outflanked.

“But unless we learn how to combat the racism that has become prevalent and acceptable on the Internet, unless Latinos and immigrants start going into those message boards and challenging ignorance with facts, a loud minority of venom writers will overwhelm cyberspace and continue to make racism openly acceptable.”
Miguel Perez

Thus spake the Patron Saint of Mediocrity.

You can start by looking into the mirror to “learn” who is the real racist. If Mechista racist rants are allowed on the Internet, so too is the response of the injured party.

This writer has Mexicans married into both sides of his family and has many Mexican friends; but he will NOT rush to confess that there is not a racist bone in his body, in an approval-seeking mode of those who are obvious racists, prosecuting a race war against America, called “La Reconquista.”

The real issue here is the Second Mexican War, Sir.

That will not be “swept under the rug,” until Mexico signs formal terms of surrender in this Second Mexican War and the Mexican occupation army withdraws from American territory, taking its “anchor babies” with it.

The birth rate of Mexican nationals on American soil, will not be tolerated as grappling hooks for pirates to attack our ship of state and destroy our cultural cohesion.

This is a race issue the cowardly Attorney General of the United States of America is unwilling to discuss or recognize, as he points the finger of blame toward his fellow Americans.

For this dereliction of duty;  Attorney General Eric H. Holder is a quisling of the highest order, for his direct collusion in La Reconquista.

How do you answer these counter charges of sedition, whiner?

Miguel Perez found it convenient to erase not only my original post in response to his flimsy article, but also the duplicate copy I sent to replace it, thinking there might have been a computer glitch in transmission of my response.   Apparently this writer seems to be getting under his skin as he has enlisted to block any messages from me.

Mechistas can’t handle the truth, nor can they handle the challenge from anyone who questions their spurious charges of “racism” in the public arena.  The tables are always turned on these people, when the truth finally comes out and they clearly don’t like it at all.

The glare is too bright for these interlopers who imagine they are going to take over, simply because the process of Mexican invasion has now reached a massively advanced  stage, with an illegal alien  usurper in the Oval Office, who makes plans for surrender to Mexico through “amnesty.”

This writer will continue in attack mode, for the duration of the Second Mexican War.

The pen is indeed mightier than the sword.

© Thor H. Asgardson

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