The Real White Man's Burden: The Content of Our Character

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burden Lately I have been sick and tired of starting each day reading about the latest American black atrocity or stupidity of the day.   I resent that 14% of our population seem to have captured some 75% of our public discourse.   However it is always easier to find fault with another race or another group of people than it is to really take a hard look at ourselves.

When I was a teenager from time to time when I involved myself in some particularly offensive type of behavior my mother would sigh and say, “Can’t you at least try to act white?”  Now to put this into context I grew up in the deep South in the 1970’s and  my family never used the “N” word and pretty much extended Christian loving kindness to everyone they met regardless of race.  Yet that concept of cultural and behavioral whiteness still existed and still meant something.   When my mother said it I knew exactly what she meant.

Now some 40 years down the road that concept of “acting white”  for better or for worse is a lost ideal and if I used that phrase on my own children they would no doubt depending on their moods either roll their eyes and pretend that I didn’t say it or launch into a 20 minute angry refutation of my racism framed by the latest Marxist truth speak that they picked up at college.

A young woman friend of mine was listening to me rant and rave one day about the decline of our nation and the growing danger of the destruction of the white race when she silenced me with a simple question, “Look how many white men have you dated?”   Well none of course I replied and she said “Exactly, well I have dated dozens of them and let me tell you they weren’t all that great.”   She went on to describe her painful experiences with “white men” that I knew all too well rang true.   Look around she told me and to tell you the truth I knew exactly what she was talking about and it shamed me.

Let me share with you some of her observations about many of the young white men that have passed through her life.  I am sure that you yourself could add dozens of bullet comments to this list:

*   Boy men who are obsessed with toys and video games
*   Men who fail to take their future seriously and who have little or no ambition and so don’t seek out and obtain the skills that will allow them to start and support families.
*   Men whose word means little to them or anybody else
*   Men with no respect for women not even their wives
*   Men who treat their women like whores
*   Men who place their addictions to alcohol, drugs, sex, video games, sports etc ahead of their responsibilities and who are not present to help raise and nurture the families they started
*   Men who don’t defend their loved ones or worse physically abuse them
*   Men who are happy to let their women be both the main bread winners and the main workers in the home
*   Men who don’t take seriously their responsibility to be the leaders of their family
*   Men who don’t lead their families on the path of righteous devotion to God
*   Men who have a habit of cheating on their women
*   Men who are financially irresponsible and whose bad habits destroy their credit rating and leave their families in debt
*   Men who fail to set examples of good character, who curse, lie, cheat and steal
*   Boy men who ape the dress,  speech and behavior of minorities; the degenerate and useless whiggers
*   Men who live with their parents well into their 30s
*   Men who refuse to marry their women and father children out of wedlock

I could probably keep adding to this list all night but you get the picture.   If we want to protect our race and defend the future of our people we must first look to ourselves.   If we want our people to learn to love their race we must first make it lovely with our own example and conduct.

Interestingly my friend over at Shieldline posted a similar post but more on the positive side that he titled, “Back to the Basics“.   Now I don’t want to get into a big debate over the failings of white women or stir through all the root causes for the descent of the white man in the past forty years.  We are all living in a diseased and degraded culture.  We are all lost in this degenerate age.   My point is that we must  strive to improve our behavior and fight the “leveling down” by pushing the bar back up.  Fight back against the darkness and shine as a beacon to your own loved ones by striving to improve your own character and serve those around you to the best of your ability.

Originally posted at Light in the Forest © Jesse James

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  1. Blake says:

    Nicely stated. You address the larger issue of sexism, I’m not sure if you’re inferring that white men have picked up on the sexism of black culture, or if you’re suggesting that the decline of white culture is based on the decline of interpersonal respect.

    You will find more discussion of the failures of men to be Men at

  2. WIllie Stoker says:

    This is very confusing to me. Was this meant to be a description of black men, with white substituted to avoid being called racist by the political correct thinking liberals.
    This clearly describes black men who have been conditioned by the programs of the Liberal politicians since the 1960’s.

  3. J James says:

    No Willie this was meant to be a targeted description of the behavior of many white men in today’s America. I am specifically addressing white men as that is my ethnic group and my primary concern. Much in the same way that Obama’s Chicago church was mostly concerned with the problems and challenges facing blacks in America, I am focused on issues of interest to whites. One of my points was meant to be that we should address our own behavior more instead of constantly harping on our perceptions of the failures of blacks or other non-whites. You are correct however that these same deficiencies can be found in black men or for that matter any other American regardless of background.

  4. Thomas says:

    Your opinions are almost as outdated as the poem you stole the title from for this post from. It is odd that you chose “The Real White Man’s Burden” for the source of your plagiarism, because it was a satirical response to “The White Man’s Burden” by Kipling who believed that those of privilege (generally the white colonizers at the time) had a responsibility to educate the “sullen” “evil” “children” of colonized countries, or as put by Crosby (the poet that wrote “The Real White Man’s Burden”) put is “Civilizing savage hoards”. Yet here you are doing the same thing some hundred years later. What is also amusing to me is Crosby also used the “The Real White Man’s Burden” to warn us of those who use “pious words” to hide their prejudice, which you do.

    Now the next thing I am going to say to you may or may not come as a shock (it sounds like your children already know) but you are a bigot and a racist. You also come across as someone who is pretending to be educated and enlightened, and this is obviously not so. Now I am sure I could stop there and many would chime in, but I think it is important to point out why I say this. You talk about strengthening the race, and raising the bar. One divides people by the color of their skin, and the other divides people by a set of criteria that you happen to subscribe to. This is exactly what this hundred year old poem satirizes, yet here you are like some sort of petrified pierce of wood that just does not know that it’s time has passed. I believe you are entitled to your belief, but don’t hide behind your religion and friends. If there is something that you don’t understand (in this case it is the concept of hybridity) then say so. Just because you don’t understand something doesn’t mean it’s bad. You might try posting your concerns as questions like; I don’t understand why people do this or that, or I don’t understand what people see in ________. This way you show that you are open to the fact that your perspective on the world is limited to your own experience, but that you are also open to learning more. There is a reason you have two ears and one mouth.

    I am open so please feel free to respond to my post. I enjoy constructive criticism, and love thought provoking dialogue.

    Thomas. T.

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