Why Texas will (Eventually) Secede From the Union

| April 20, 2009 | 22 Comments

by: Mike Adams.

texas-norrisChuck Norris says he’ll run for President of the new nation of Texas if it breaks apart from the United States of America (http://www.worldnetdaily.com/index….). Gov. Rick Perry says he’ll support the secession if Texans want it (http://www.myfoxchicago.com/dpp/new…).

Over the past few years, I’ve publicly predicted the breaking up of the United States of America in numerous articles, including this March 22 article entitled Why the End of America is Closer than You Think (http://www.counterthink.com/025688.html). It’s not difficult to see it coming, after all: The blowout spending in Washington and the massive theft of the money supply by banksters and Fed officials has put the USA on a collision course with its own financial destruction.

Texas would be smart to declare independence before Washington D.C. implodes under the weight of endless debt married with outlandish spending. After all, by declaring independence, Texans would no longer be responsible for paying off the federal debt. That’s a clever way to clear the balance sheet and start anew without a national debt.

Some commentators — such as this silly socialist John Farrell — think that Texas needs the federal government like a baby needs a security blanket (http://www.usnews.com/blogs/john-fa…). Massive federal spending is a benefit to the States, he ultimately proclaims! But Texans aren’t so easily fooled. Nor are they helpless to fend for themselves. In fact, Texans can do just fine without Big Brother confiscating their hard-earned incomes and giving them only more debt in return.

Tyranny always leads to revolution

Besides, let’s face the facts: Bureaucrats in Washington have, in every classic definition, become tyrants. They no longer believe States have any rights whatsoever. They’ve even painted bullseye “terrorist” targets on anyone who supports Ron Paul, or who opposes Big Brother surveillance tactics, or who even attempts to defend the U.S. Constitution.

That’s when you know your country is lost: When citing the very document upon which the country was founded earns you the label of “extremist.” And that’s where we are in America today. I’m an “extremist” for merely writing this article, didn’t you know?

Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano has all but declared war against America’s veterans and tea-party supporters — the very people who actually stand for what America was founded on in the first place: Liberty, personal responsibility and freedom from oppression.

It is no coincidence that, at this moment in history, those who most strongly support freedom from oppression are targeted as “extremists” by the very government that practices such oppression. (http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933…)

The message is very clear: Conform to the new socialist agenda or be labeled a criminal… or maybe even a terrorist.

Given such direct assaults in freedom being brazenly pursued by arrogant Obama administration officials, is it any wonder that many Texans would want to break free from the United States of America and rule themselves?

That’s what America was founded on, after all: People seeking local rule rather than tyranny from afar.
Those Texans seeking independence from the U.S. government are doing so for all the right reasons — many of the very same reasons cited by our nation’s founding fathers as justification for declaring independence from Britain.

It’s not just Texas, either…

This whole discussion isn’t limited to Texas, of course. Forces of independence are rallying in many states: Oregon, Vermont, California, Hawaii and even Alaska. Texas may be the first to secede from the Union, but by no means will it be the last.

That’s because the desire to live as free people in a free land is universal. And when people feel oppressed, exploited, and even terrorized by their own government, it all eventually leads to the same thing: REVOLUTION.

Revolutions can be peaceful (a voters’ revolution at the ballot box) or violent (a military coup or popular revolt). They can be productive (as in the American Revolution) or just a new face of corruption (as in modern-day Thailand). Revolution by itself is no guarantee that things will be better, but at least it’s opportunity for a fresh start. And if there’s one thing our debt-burdened, arrogant, bureaucratically-bloated federal government desperately needs right now, it’s a fresh start.

The likely initiating factor: Currency collapse

I don’t believe Texas will secede from the Union anytime soon. It will take time, and the most likely catalyst of such an event will be the collapse of the U.S. dollar. By “collapse” I mean either it becomes worthless through hyperinflation or it is simply abandoned by the U.S. Treasury and Federal Reserve (most likely in a transition to a new global currency).

Lacking the stability of the U.S. dollar, many states (not merely Texas) may decide to print their own currency. In fact, it’s already happening in cities across the U.S., where locals are figuring out that creating local currency is a smart way to boost the local economy while protecting your community from runaway inflation that’s bound to hit the U.S. dollar sooner or later. (http://www.usatoday.com/money/econo…)
When the U.S. dollar collapses or gets abandoned (one of these is now inevitable), states like Texas will realize they have to print their own currency to protect their state economies. And if you’re printing your own currency, you’re already half-way to independence anyway! Why not make your own laws, too, and just rule yourself?

That commonsense thought will be crossing the minds of many U.S. citizens in the coming years. And as the U.S. government’s total financial failure finally becomes apparent to everyone, U.S. states will start to flee the union faster than missionaries escaping a Leper colony.
Do you know why I know that? Because whoever is left in the Union will face the burden of paying back U.S. creditors. Declaring independence wipes the slate clean, starting your new nation-state off with a zero balance sheet. All the money that your citizens used to pay to the federal government (which was then wasted away on bombs, debt and Medicaid) can then go directly into your own state’s coffers.

California could legalize marijuana and find itself awash in positive tax revenues from the sale of weed, without the huge costs of imprisoning pot offenders. The net economic benefit could be in the hundreds of millions annually.

Texas could legalize concealed carrying of firearms everywhere in the state, and it would see violent crime rates plummet. (Criminals would migrate to neighboring states where guns are banned. That way, they know they’re the only ones carrying the guns.)

Florida could legalize alternative medicine and see its aging population experience huge boosts in longevity due to natural medicine therapies. This, in turn, would result in higher quality of life of its citizens as well as many more years of tax revenues collected from residents.

Oregon could outlaw GM foods and synthetic chemical pesticides, becoming the world’s first “organic state.” Its health care costs would plummet as citizens immediately experienced reduced rates of cancer, Alzheimer’s and other diseases caused by chemical contamination.
You get my point: Each state could decide what kind of nation it wants to be, and it could pass its own laws and regulations, or simply decide to eliminate most regulations and experiment with other methods to motivate good behavior on the part of its citizens.

The whole thing would be hugely complicated for internet commerce, of course. Existing under one nation has many advantages for commerce, mail delivery, common currency, education systems and even law enforcement. Breaking up the United States into small nation-states would add a layer of complication to virtually everything, from travel to real estate and everything in between. I’m not saying it would be a walk in the park… but since when has nation building ever been easy?

Revolution isn’t “radical,” it’s natural!

The most important thing to realize in all this is that revolution isn’t radical — it’s natural! People naturally want to be free. Governments naturally become bloated, arrogant and non-responsive to their citizens over time. Nations naturally go through cycles where they rise and fall, only to be reborn under new names. Throughout human history, more than 250 empires have come and gone (Rome isn’t the only one, even though it’s the most-cited). The American Empire’s days are numbered, too. It’s not immune to history.

The fact that we’re seeing the Governor of Texas rally for independence is not strange, or radical or extreme: It’s completely normal. It’s a natural reaction to the centralization of power that has occurred in Washington D.C. (and the way in which Texans feel poorly represented or even betrayed by Washington).

Nations come and go almost like clockwork. America has had a pretty good run for the last 230+ years. But now its leaders are trying to turn America into a fascist police state (which is also a predictable stage of the rise and fall of nations), and not everybody wants to go on that ride.

That’s why I predict Texas will (eventually) secede from the Union, as will numerous other states. And as one goes, many others will follow. After all, who wants to be left holding $12 trillion in debt? The Titanic is sinking, and most states would prefer not to go down with it.

Can a state legally break away?

Finally, one last point worth mentioning: Can Texas legally secede from the Union? One Senator has already said it cannot.
I say Texans can do whatever the hell they want. Even if U.S. law says Texas cannot secede from the Union, the whole point of declaring independence is to free yourself from such laws. Nations never declare independence from within the framework of existing national laws — it only happens in the face of current laws.

Laws are largely just fictional constructs anyway. Real law is derived from the People, so if the People decide to declare independence, their will becomes law!

Remember: Laws written by men exist only in the minds of those who agree to adhere to them. There is nothing spellbinding about putting pen to paper. Writing words on a piece of parchment does not alter the laws of the universe. People are free to change the course of their lives at any time, in violation of any existing law, if they find the courage and the popular support necessary to achieve sufficient recognition among their own people.

All revolutions take place under precisely such a structure: When the will of the People shifts, old laws crumble away and new laws take their place.

Besides, the United States of America has not acted with any real respect for the Law in a long, long time. From domestic surveillance to federal income taxation, the kidnapping of foreign nationals and the operation of secret prisons using government-approved torture methods, the U.S. government has demonstrated quite convincingly that it respects no law other than “might makes right.” The United States is not a nation of law; it is a nation of coercive tyrants who want the same thing that all tyrants want: More power, with fewer challenges to its power.

Texas is right to at least consider its options. Is being part of the United States of America an advantage, or a burden? $12 trillion in debt says it’s a burden, and while leaving it will be no walk in the park, it might very well be the beginning of the next great free nation in the Western hemisphere. Texas could one day emerge as the first former U.S. state to leads its People to a new era of freedom. With Chunk Norris as the President, border patrol agents will no doubt carry six-packs of whupass with them at all times.


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  1. tm lckwd says:

    I’ve discovered from several sources that many irish americans and conservatives in general are making a mass exodus to texas. I don’t know if this is true. I believe that if good law abiding illegals were given amnesty that this would boost the economy. Why not do that? They would not be illegal anymore. The illegals with criminal backgrounds(violent ones) would be deported. China is the new enemy. Mexico should be the most favoured nation to the U.S. We should help Mexico to industrialize more by setting them up as major steel producers in the western hemisphere. In turn, Mexico could then likewise invest in central america and so on. Lets keep it logistically in the western hemisphere so all us democracies can be strong. Lets make laws that only allow us to do business w/ democracies that do not engage in toxic pollution and slave labour such as communist China. Plz pass it on if u agree. A new entire news subsidiary should be devoted to deal with the new enemy-China. The advantage they have is unfair to the free world. ALmost a billion people who hardly get a wage and can do nothing about it. and all that money- no wonder- they bought off our politicians. we need to make a law that no govt. official can accept any donations from a foreign country what-so-ever. Clinton and Obama each accepted 400 million from the Chinese.

  2. Robyn says:

    “I believe that if good law abiding illegals were given amnesty that this would boost the economy.”

    What!?!?! If they are illegal they are ILLEGAL!!!

    The comment alone reeks of someone who sucking the left tit of a Socialist Agenda.

    You dumb sh!t! So, if the speed limit is say 25 in a school zone and everyone decides that driving 45 would be best. Yet, the LAW says for the safety of the children in order to provide adequate time to stop a vehicle, the speed limit should be 25. But “everyone” wants to drive 45. So that’s would be OK?!

    The Law has been implemented for a reason. The safety and welfare of the children. (In this case, America.) If everyone decided it was prudent to break the law for their own personal selfishness. (I’m late for work. Your country is better than ours.) That’s ok?

    NO! There are proper channels to allow immigrants into the country. They arrive here illegally and though most are here trying to better themselves, there are more than handfuls that bring their share of trouble. We don’t need that. Those who follow the proper chain of protocol are less likely to be a “Bad Apple” as they are already following the rules.

    It’s like taking firearms away from the people. The “Law Abiding” citizen will be the effected. The Criminal Mind simply doesn’t give a bottle of piss about the “Laws”. Hence the “Criminal” lifestyle.

    Are ya following what I’m saying sweet pea? Not a good line of sight your projecting.

    This has been a splash of my OPINION! Like any Conservative would do when they see something they don’t like on TV, they turn the channel. Like any Liberal, they pass a law to remove it, raise taxes to pay for it and pass the blame on to the next guy crying we were “Misled”. If I am wrong, I am not afraid to admit it when shown the facts.

    Grow a “Set” America. Our Leadership has us going directly down into the sewers.

  3. Yank says:

    I want to move my family, my business, and everything I have to a state that secedes, as long as its in the South.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Law Abiding Illegals! Now That’s FUNNY!!!

  5. Elizabeth says:

    If they were “law abiding” they wouldn’t be illegal. Are you on drugs Robyn? Or just DAFT!?

  6. AXWZ says:

    If you will spread like pellets of a shotgun, how could/would you resist the BRIC expansion?
    You are not alone in this crazy world.

  7. HillBillyAtheist says:

    All states should secede. The Union is full of corrupt bastards and imperialists that engaged the Confederacy with their Northern Aggressive imperialism! Hawaii should follow suite too being the state that was invaded by Union imperialists.

  8. FromCalifornia says:

    If Texas secedes I’m moving there to defend her right.

  9. Locust says:

    Time to lock and load, be ready to go.

  10. Jonathan says:

    I would support any State that wants to secede (like Arizona, Texas, California or any of the others) because it is the only way that any of those States have any hope to survive the 21st Century. The Federal Government like all empires before them no longer listen to the people and as we all know the only thing people with power want..is more power. It is only a matter of time before the so-called leaders in Washington dispense with the Constitution altogether and declare martial law. As one State’s motto goes “live free or die”. So say we all.

  11. david says:

    Rightious Rant

  12. RAA says:

    What becomes of the federal properties in a newly seceded state? Does the federal government forfeit all its possessions? What about all the federal money that flowed into that state while it was part of the federal union? Would that state have to repay all the federal money?

  13. tecumseh35 says:

    If Texas decided to secede, Georgia, Alabama Misissippi would follow. Im from Georgia and the recent reaction to our illegal immigration law, by the Federal Govt., Foreign countries and the marxist “civil rights”, org. Has pissed off everyone from Rural farmers to african american urbanites. We all have had it with the government, whether it be dems or repubs. We will protect our State sovereignty and hope like minded Americans from other states would aide us in that fight, just as we would for Texas. Georgia is second only to Texas, when it comes to the number a veterans hardened by battle, like myself. The way I see it, the federal government is the one who has seceded.

  14. Chilly8 says:

    I think the final straw will be one Internet censorship law that is supposedly to stop Internet piracy, but would effectively let the Feds shut down any site they want.

    Hopefully, Texas will come up with more sensible copyright laws, and tell not give in to pressure to pass laws like Protect IP, and will tell the remaining United States to DROP DEAD, when pressured to pass such laws.

  15. Daniel Kinder says:

    Missouri forever!!!
    Let us join Texas in our fight for independence.
    As a police officer and navy veteran most would expect me to say let us save the union. But I do not.
    I favor secession and though an old man of 57 I would still do my best to defend my state from an over-zealous federal government.
    An interesting observation is that many whom I would never have expected to favor secession or fighting the federal government have admitted they wish we could break away.
    I realize much like in the previous war of northern agression this would more than likely be a lost cause. But I would still support it all the same.

  16. Somebody says:

    Oh, I’m laughing! Good luck in beating the US army. Don’t you know any history? If they entire South tried to secede and failed you think _one_ state will just walk away whistling and dancing?

    • fudge12 says:

      Lincoln could not do today what he did in 1860. There would be international outrage if the US were to declare war on Texas, and the citizens of the (then) US wouldn’t stand for it. You really think the Military could act unilaterally by the Feds without any approval from anyone outside of DC/the Northeast? Most of the soldiers come from the south! Texas also has a large portion of the Military in it and a disproportionate amount of the technology that is currently in the homeland. Texas could defend itself from any sudden attack, and nobody in the US would stand for it.

  17. Robert says:

    Sorry to say this but this line of thinking is a pipe dream. Better to concentrate on immigration law enforcement at the state level (as in Arizona), closing the open border, stopping chain immigration, stopping birthright citizenship, shutting off all welfare to all immigrants. If this can be achieved there may be a glimmer of hope for the U.S.A.

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