Does Obama Know More About the Communist Manifesto or the Constitution?

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obama-socialistObama claims he taught Constitutional Law. I am starting to wonder if the students who studied under Obama and held the classic Jeffersonian understanding of the Federalist Papers failed the class. Obviously, a federalist had no business in a constitutional class taught by Obama.

Obama came just short of demonstrating what a hostile corporate takeover looks like under his Marxist beliefs. He came short, because he put on a short one-act play creating the illusion GM is still a private company. Anyone with just a little common sense should now realize the government runs General Motors. Call it what it really is, Government Motors. The President of the United States forced a CEO out of his position, and nowhere in the Constitution did the forefathers provide such power. In fact, they would have revolted against such tyranny. As if I woke up in a bad nightmare, our government did just that forcing Rick Wagoner out of GM. I would defend Wagoner, but obviously he went down without a fight. There’s nothing to defend with his lack of courage. What happened to true American patriotism? Surely we haven’t bought into the Joe Biden version–grow the government bigger, bend over, and pay the collector. Wagoner betrayed his capitalist and our political and economic philosophies when he stepped down rather than lift his middle finger to Obama.

Years from now, we may look at the one single event that drove American capitalism to its death, and Rick Wagoner will be known as the coward–void of the spirit that made him millions and provided him the American dream. Obama is now a tyrant. With each win, he grows more powerful because the power instantly goes to Obama’s head. Now that HR1388 will be the law of the land, Obama will form his civilian military force he promised during the election and build more power. No, I can’t blame all of this on Wagoner, but he had the opportunity to stand up to Obama and challenge his power, and he failed. Surely, Wagoner knew in the back of his head, Obama won’t let the union’s love for him die by killing off GM.

Of course, there is the other issue which continues to develop that Obama has obviously forgotten which Jefferson and the other forefathers delegated to the executive branch. He is to provide a common defense for the United States and perform the duties of Commander and Chief.

North Korea continues to sable rattle. After numerous warnings, the North Koreans look like they will launch what may be an intercontinental ballistic missile. The North Koreans placed the rocket, which they claim is a vehicle to place a satellite in orbit, on the launching pad despite the pathetic warnings of the Obama administration. They knew Obama wouldn’t carry out any actions to prevent them from testing the missile. Now the Obama administration has basically given permission to the North Koreans to fire the missile since they admitted there was nothing they could do. This is a far different tone that last week.

In fact, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said there was nothing we could do about it. Why for weeks did we threaten them only to back down and allow the missile to be tested? Obama isn’t carrying out his Constitutional duties for defense. Just last week Admiral Timothy Keating, commander of U.S. forces in the Pacific, said the U.S. is “fully prepared” to shoot down the missile. The sudden shift in policy in the Obama administration is concerning. It also shows weakness within his administration similar to Jimmy Carter’s in the 1970s.

Just like he wants to bring dangerous GITMO detainees to the Unites States, provide them tax dollars for assistance to get started, and let them live here despite their hate towards the United States, Obama doesn’t take our defense seriously. Time and again, we see Obama could care less about this country as we have known it.

Obama took an oath just over two months ago to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. He is personally destroying it. It’s time to take this country back through whatever means to insure freedom and liberty for the children and grandchildren of this country. If it means, impeachment based on Obama’s hostile takeover of GM, then so be it. Obama’s power is out of control, and well beyond what is allotted to him. If it means organizing tea parties to form the second American Revolution, the let’s do it. I refuse to live under a sickle and hammer because some demagogue was elected President by lying to the good people of this country about his philosophies and beliefs. Obama is a communist. This take over of GM is a page out of the Communist Manifesto. How much longer are we going to let him destroy our country?


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