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Published Sep 6, 2017

More People Could Be Driven To Vape By The FDA Plans For Low Nicotine Cigarettes

The FDA has announced plans for cutting the nicotine contained in cigarettes, while at the same leaving e-cigarettes mainly unregulated.

Plans were announced today by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to delay reviewing e-cigarettes for safety that are currently on the market. For e-cig manufacturers this is a big win. The agency also stated it is intending on looking into cutting levels of nicotine within regular cigarettes to what it is calling non-addictive levels.

Public health experts have mixed feelings about this move. Cutting the level of nicotine in cigarettes could help with curbing addiction and saving lives. And e-cigarettes, which first heat and then vaporize liquids which frequently contain nicotine and flavors are usually considered to be not as dangerous as cigarettes. However, they are not completely harmless either. Since vaping is a fairly new phenomenon click here, we still are not sure what the long terms effects from them will be. Given that vaping is a fairly new phenomenon, its long term effects are still not known. And with e-cigarette maker still being largely unregulated, consumers are left in the dark when it comes to knowing precisely what they are inhaling.

For over 20 years now, scientists have pushed the FDA on limiting the levels of nicotine in cigarettes. Although the FDA is not allowed to require cigarette manufacturers to make cigarettes that don’t contain any nicotine, a maximum level has been set by the agency that is permitted. In order to make cigarettes non-addictive- or substantially less addictive at least- Eric Donny from the University of Pittsburgh says that nicotine content needs to be cut by around 85 to 95 percent.

These are distinct from “light” brands of cigarettes from the 1970s. “Light” cigarettes contained typical nicotine and tar levels, however they were made in such a way that the nicotine and tar that they emitted became diluted with air - which tricked the machines that measure them so they registered inaccurate low levels. Denicotinized or reduced nicotine cigarettes, on the other hand, contain less nicotine to start out with, according to a Tobacco Control 2015 review. There was a six week study that found that individuals end up smoking less reduced-nicotine cigarettes and also stated that they wanted them less. However, according to Donny, it could also driver smokers towards other nicotine sources, such as the broad array of vape pens and e-cigs that are now available visit best portable vaporizers for a list of the top vapes.

Not every e-cigarette contains nicotine. Also it has been shown that vaping helps individuals with quitting smoking. However, since e-cigs are mostly unregulated, it is virtually impossible knowing what chemicals are contained in them. It has been found that some of the chemicals are cancer-causing and that vaping could place smoker at high risk for heart disease, similar to regular cigarettes.

FDA embraces sanity with new approach to vaping

It might be that e-cigarettes are less addictive as well as less dangerous for cancer, however that doesn’t mean that vaping is safe, according to professor Stanton Glantz from the University of California San Francisco who is studying the effects of nicotine and tobacco. Glantz says that he thinks the FDA is being too optimistic about public health benefits to pushing individuals to switch over to e-cigarettes. A real problem is if individuals switch over them thinking they are safe.

A deadline was given to vape pen and e-cig makers by the FDA last summer: bu the end of 2018 or so, manufacturers need to submit any products of theirs that were introduced into the market after 2007 so that the FDA can review them. However, this deadline has been pushed to 2022. This four year extension is giving extra time to the FDA for coming up with new standards for preventing things such as products exploding in individual’s faces. However, it also makes it possible for potentially dangerous products to remain in the market for adults and children - to use.

The plans are not completely set in stone yet. It could take years for the process to finalize the measures to take place. Also, the FED will need to evaluate input received from the tobacco industry, from experts and from the public. However, today’s announcement is the initial step towards instituting a tobacco regulation strategy stating that some of the current nicotine delivery systems are considered to be more dangerous compared to others. For public health, it is a big win to reduce the nicotine levels contained in cigarettes. However, extending how long unregulated e-cigarettes can remain on the market is a big loss for individuals who like using them. Without really knowing what is actually contained inside of them, how can consumer know if they are placing themselves at risk or not?

Vaporizers Growth Within The Cannabis Industry

The Place Of Vaporizers Within The Cannabis Industry

What makes vaporizers so popular?

In 2014 the term ‘vape’ was word of the year for Oxford Dictionary, and it is among the world’s most rapidly growing industries.

Research and Markets, in fact, reported recently that it was expected by 2021 that the global vape market would reach $32.11 billion.

There is one specific market within the vaping industry that has witnessed a huge boom: cannabis.

The Eaze delivery business, which has been called the Uber for weed, witnessed a 400% increase in marijuana cartridge orders from 2015 to 2016.

Vaporizers first became popular as a healthier cigarette smoking alternative since instead of inhaling smoke you breathe in vapor instead http://www.vapereviews.pro/.

Combustion is unhealthy for your lungs since you are inhaling carcinogen. When cannabis is consumed via smoking the same thing applies.

You get increased amounts of the active ingredients contained in cannabis with vaporization than you do with regular smoking methods.

That means that to get the same feelings you don’t have to use as much - whether it is for pain relief or to get high - compared to smoking a joint.

Use Statistics For Vaporizers

Another reason why vaporizers have become so popular is the quick innovation taking place in the market.

Since the early days of e-cigarettes products have greatly improved. These days multi-functionality is offered by many advanced vape mods and vape pens.

A simple switch of your clearomizer or tank from an e-juice model over to a dry herb model is all you need and then you will be all set.

There are even some models that offer a third option for vaporizing concentrates like 3-in-1 devices, which are being snatched up by vapers.

Also, vaporizers aren’t just for taking a hit of cannabis or nicotine.

Dry herb as well as desktop models are found in homes and in the hands of individuals using them for vaporizing fresh herbs to be used in aromatherapy.

However, some claim the cannabis industry is was saved the entire vaporizer industry from its early mistakes of introducing poor products.

In the legalized recreational state of Washington, weed outlets saw a 32% increase in sales of refills, concentrate cartridges and vape pens.

Also, 80% of all vape-related sales went to cartridges in cannabis stores.

Cannabis Trend For Vaporizers

Headset, which is a watch website on cannabis trends, reported that from January 2016 to July 2016 there was a 1.6% increase in vape pen sales among Washington state cannabis consumers.

The market got so popular that manufacturers started lowering prices to try to cut into the competition.

During this same time period the price of vape pens decreased by 14%.

There was also a growth in concentrates sales of around 1.4%. There was an actual decline in sales of flowers of 4.6% but overall was still a very popular selling item.

Vaporizing offers medical cannabis patients a way to get active ingredients into the brain faster, which provides quicker relief for whatever symptoms are ailing them.

It also offers more flexibility and is more convenient and discreet.

Pitt researchers examine link between ‘vaping’ and social media

More control over dosing is also allowed, since small inhalations can be taken by patient, until they reached their desired relief level.

When a cannabis patient is having a hard time locating a strain that will work well for them, flexibility is offered by vape for trying out various strain until they are able to discover the right one.

There is five time higher likelihood of medical marijuana users vaping compared to recreational users of marijuana.

According to the findings of a survey, marijuana is consumed through vaping by just 3% of recreational users, while vaporizing is done by 18% of medical cannabis patients.

In addition, medical users have a four times higher budget for purchasing cannabis compared to recreational users. Recreational users have a $12 per month budget while medicinal users have $48 per month available.

Vaporizing vs. Combustion

Although the leading marijuana consumption method is still combustion, vaping is continue to gain ground as the preferred method for many consumers.

Vape mods and pens enable discretion since it is easy to stored them away, they do not produce a strong odor, and aren’t as harmful compared to carcinogenic smoke that burning leaves produces.

One-use style concentrates and refillable cartridges for mods and pen are gaining ground as well.

The popularity of vaping is also reflected in the popularity of such models as the Volcano vaporizer and Pax vaporizers.

Both recreational and medical dispensaries are exposed customers to this new consumption style and an increasing number of users are trying it out and liking it.

One of the most rapidly growing markets in the world is the vape market.

So whether you prefer vaping concentrates, herbs, leaves or e-juice, you are among the growing number of individuals who prefer to vape instead of smoke.

You can fully expect the vaping cannabis market to continue growing and flourishing as 2017 continues.